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Echo Real Estate

By now you've likely gone through most of our website and likely viewed a lot of material. 

What you need to know is that not all Realtors are created equal. Some are really good at helping people buy and sell homes. Unfortunately there are more that aren't good at it. 

So why should you trust us?    

To start, our business has one immutable standard. Every action we do, decision we make, system we create has to be screened by this standard.  The immutable standard is “love others well.” If an action we take doesn’t pass, we have to go back and fix it. Every person we partner with or recommend has to work this way as well. This standard requires empathy, treating others with respect, honesty - even when it means that looking out for my client’s best interest doesn’t lead to the best outcome for me. This standard also requires that we are constantly striving to be great at helping people buy and sell their homes. 

We are always looking out for what’s in our client’s best interest… even if it’s not their original plan.

It’s not always the easy thing to do, but it’s the right thing to do.

We have great customer testimonials that I'm willing to publicly share with any of my clients.

Also, we understand we are teachers and advisors… not salesmen. Our goal is not to sell you a home, or sell you on some features in a home. Our goal is to understand your needs and wants and guide you through your options, guide you through the offer, and guide you through to closing on that home. 

Ultimately the best way to learn about us at Echo Real Estate is to meet up with us and grab a cup of coffee and chat about buying or selling your home.


2017 Outstanding Production Award

2018 Bronze Outstanding Production Award

Reputable Agents are the kind of agents that other agents want to work with, and the kind of agents that clients deserve. Less than 8% of real estate agents are Reputable Agents. Here’s a simple way to understand why Peer Reputation is so important:

Looking at Zillow and Yelp reviews is like asking your friend which doctor they go to. Using Peer Reputation is like asking your doctor who they would go to for surgery.

There are many moving parts in real estate transactions where things can go wrong. The best experiences happen when great agents help their clients navigate the complex real estate process.

We believe that great agents are identified by the quality of their work and that their fellow agents are in the best position to provide that assessment. That’s why the best measure of a great agent is their Peer Reputation.



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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

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