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Are you thinking about buying or selling a home here in the OKC area?


There’s a lot that goes into a real estate transaction: finding a home, inspections, legal contracts, title work, mortgages, insurance, etc. It can get overwhelming very quickly. I've been helping my clients achieve their real estate goals for years.


Whether you're looking for acreage, downsizing, expanding, or finding your first home the information in this book will save you both time and money.


I GUARANTEE that after reading this book, you will know more than the average person about how real estate works behind the scenes...including some misconceptions about realtors.


I will reveal…


-Costly mistakes made by first-time homebuyers and how to avoid them

-The scariest part about buying a home

-The one thing you MUST DO before you start house-hunting

-Insights into choosing a good lender

-Different loan possibilities

-The truth about down payments and little or no money down programs


And much more.

The Book On Buying A Home In OKC

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