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Tips For Sellers



This is the single most important thing to consider when selling your home and, believe it or not, it is often a key aspect in getting top dollar for your home. There are a lot of variables that go into pricing a home. We give our clients a price range recommendation, show comparable homes to explain that price range, and then work together to set a pricing strategy. 



When we say "staging", we don't mean bringing in a bunch of furniture and decorations picked by an interior decorator (although that is an option). We mean preparing your home to look its best. Typically this simply means decluttering your home. Less stuff in your home is always best - we advise that you leave very few pieces of furniture and little to no things on the counter tops. This sets the stage for a great first impression - typically through pictures posted online.



You want as many eyes on your home as possible. The more people that see it, the better chance you have of finding the buyer that loves your home. The best way to get as many people viewing your home as possible is online - specifically using social media. We are experts here - this is where we stand out from the crowd.



Many times this just means replacing light bulbs and a fresh coat of paint in some areas, but you want your home to look as new as possible. Some common simple repairs include patching holes in the walls; fixing broken outlets, door knobs, or cabinet doors; or trimming back dead limbs on trees and getting them away from gutters or roofs...The more repairs you can make the better.



It can be hard to keep your home clean and pick up each morning before you leave for work or before a showing, but it is crucial to make a good first impression. When you are selling your home you have 2 first impressions: 1) when buyers see pictures online and 2) when buyers walk through your home for the first time. Make sure both make great impressions on them - it could mean the difference between a buyer pulling the trigger or not.



Finding Your Next Home

The logistics of selling your home and finding your next one can be quite overwhelming. It is good to know all your options. Talk to us about the details of your financial situation, the details of the home you would like to buy, and about the home you are selling. All of these are crucial factors in managing the logistics of this process. We may be able to find some additional options for you!

We help our clients through each one of these tips. To learn more click the button below!

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